Olyan a ló, mint a gazdája?

Naomi és Storm esetében nagyon úgy tűnik. 

A gyönyörű 8 éves haflingi kancát a köztük lévő hasonlóság miatt vásárolta meg Naomi Becker. Ezzel megtalálta a zsák a foltját. Amint megnézed a képeiket, egyből rájössz, hogy miért:

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I love this picture made in autumn 2017. I feel rather stupid for never posting it because back then I felt I looked too fat ? I think it got to much of an issue to me what you/ other people were thinking. But on the other hand I hate the “perfect instagram life” some people tend to live (I really regret not sharing more about the struggles Storm and I faced when we started riding again after all the ‘saddle-issues’). We’re all human and we all have imperfections, which is what makes us unique. With such a growing amount of followers you can hardly avoid getting a negative comment every now and then but actually up untill now I barely had any. So I’m just going to try not to bother about what others might think and meanwhile I thank you all for being so kind, positive and supportive all the time! ❤️

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